2TS Srl is a leading company in designing moulds, producing moulds and moulding plastics.
“We rely on our know-how, for this reason we can always guarantee a high level of precision, that we make available to our customers to turn their ideas into Plastic.”

For over 35 years, 2TS has specialized in designing and manufacturing moulds for plastics moulding.

The production process, inspired by ideas from the individual customer, develops completely within the company: design, production, moulding and packaging of the finished products.

For machining on steels 2TS uses cutting-edge machinery and work centers that, together with specialized manpower, guarantee the customer of a production manufacturing high quality products.
For the moulding the company has presses in various tonnage that enables them to produce items up to the weight of 1.0 Kg.

Using the best materials available on the market creates a winning union with the mould production department, which is the pride of the company.

Trust, unconditional, shown in the high level of work management has also made it possible, in the last few years, to create sections that, thanks to the engineering development of patented and directly marketable products, work to strengthen the company’s solidity and at the same time diversify their activities in order to provide customers with an increasingly excellent and innovative service.

Production of moulds for plastic materials

2TS Srl meets customers’ needs by only using high quality materials, both for making moulds as well as for moulding plastic plastics: 

2TS Srl has:work

  • work centers for wire, spark and drill electric discharge machining
  • machining centers for milling, tangential adjustments,
  • traditional milling machines
  • radial drills
  • lathes.TVMP Mouldholder Blocks: P20 IMPAX, Ramax, C45

TVMP Mouldholder Blocks: P20 IMPAX, Ramax, C45

Bohler steels: M310, M390, K100, W300 and W500

Standardized Elements:

  • Pedrotti
  • DME
  • Hasco

Hot-air runner systems: THERMOPLAY

Moulds for plastic materials

2TS Srl designs and manufactures for its customers moulds for plastic materials, suitable for any project with technical design features.

Moulds for thermosetting materials

2TS Srl designs and produces moulds for thermosetting materials, which enable the moulding of products used in the industrial and electromechanical sector.

Moulding plastic material

Moulds and manufactured products for the naval and aeronautical sector

2TS Srl designs and manufactures moulds and manufactured products in composite materials for the naval and aeronautical sector.
2ts Srl produces moulds for aircraft parts, made of composite (carbon) material and moulds for attachments for sailing boats that are made using CNC and various equipment.

Moulding plastic materials

2TS Srl is able to meet all our customers’ requests for any kind of material using only the best types of polymers that the market offers us.

Here are some examples of products moulded with plastic materials:

2TS Srl Production process

The production process at 2TS Srl involves several stages in relation to the type of work that the company must carry out for the buyer. The options that 2TS Srl offers its customers can include the following areas:

  • CAD/CAM design

    2TS Srl uses CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) systems for the design of moulds for plastic materials

  • Mechanical workshop

    The 2TS Srl machinery fleet is equipped with precision machine tools for the production of moulds for plastic materials and precision mechanical parts.

  • Moulding department

    The 2TS Srl moulding department has a large range of machines to guarantee different types of products from 1 g to 1000 g.

  • Processes after moulding

    2TS Srl has automatic resumption equipment to carry out processes after moulding. We also offer screen printing, pad printing and ultrasonic welding.

  • Raw material storage

    The 2TS Srl warehouse can hold the storage of raw materials and finished products.

  • B2b selling and retail

    2TS Srl sells some finished products to companies, through its sales office which deals with the B2B market, and to individual buyers through its online shop.

    2TS Srl also offers a range of products that can be purchased directly from our online sales channel – Amazon Marketplace channel 2TS Srl – or by contacting our sales office directly.


Certificate 16452 certifies that 2TS Srl’s management system complies with the UNI EN 9001: 2008 standard regulation

IQNet and ICMQ S.p.a. Certify that 2TS Srl conforms to the standard UNI EN 9001: 2008

Information and contacts

2TS Srl is at your disposal for any kind of request or information regarding our design and production of moulds for plastic materials, for moulding thermoplastic products.

Our headquarters are located in Labico, in the province of Rome. You can easily reach us by exiting the Rome-Naples motorway at the tollbooth of Valmontone direction Naples or San Cesareo direction Rome. We are located on Via Casilina at KM 35,900.

Via Casilina km 35,900, 00030 - Labico (RM)
(+39) 06.9510768
(+39) 06.9510768
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