Marketed products

The gallery of products made by 2TS Srl

2TS Srl develops and moulds many different types of technical products in thermoplastic materials, for third parties and for direct sale, both B2B and retail.
From this ability to create an object starting from an idea, there began a desire to study, design and create new items to be proposed to and marketed directly on the global marketplace. The industry sectors supplied or interested in new productions are numerous, some examples are: optical, automation, renewable energies and other business sectors.

Optical industry

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Glasses Serilizer®
The UVC sterilization Glasses Sterilizer® is a device designed primarily for professional optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and more generally for dermatologists. Ecological, easy to use, Glasses Sterilizer® sterilizes in 2 minutes up to 15 pairs of glasses.
Glasses Sterilizer®
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Only One Serilizer®
Only One Sterilizer® is the disposable version of the UVC sterilizing device. It allows only one pair of glasses to be inserted, to meet the needs of cost, simplicity of use and space effectiveness, for professional optometrists, ophthalmologists and opticians.
Only One Sterilizer®
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Contact lenses holder
2TS Srl presents a contact lenses holder in different styles which can be customized with the silk screen printing of your opticians logo.
Portalenti a contatto

Products for the renewable energy sector

Solar Control

The Solar Control blackout blind is a useful product to avoid thermal overloading by protecting solar thermal panels from strong solar irradiation.

2TS Srl manufactures Solar Control in several versions.

Products for the automation sector

Led flashing light

2TS Srl has produced a Led flashing light device indicating gate opening or an alarm, with a control unit and remote controls for turning on/off alarms.

Prodotti vari

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Keep Up®
Keep Up® is a plastic spacer designed specifically for pizzas which are continuously having more toppings, and at the same time preventing some of the content from sticking to the lid.
Keep Up®
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Cenerina® is a perfumed pocket ashtray, a very important product for keeping nature clean. The scented fragrance, which does not diminish over time, allows you to carry the Cenerina in any pocket.
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Fishing rod rack
The rack is a useful fishing rod holder where the fisherman can keep the prepared rods, ready to be used during a fishing competition. Ease of use and transportation make the rack an indispensable tool for float fishing lovers.
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BILT® is the phonetic transcription of the English word built, translated into Italian with the word built. The game is made of certified plastic material, also suitable for food use and therefore absolutely guaranteed for use by children.
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