Moulds for plastic materials

Thermoplastic materials are among the most used in the field of plastic moulding because of their lightness and impact resistance.

At the same time a thermoplastic material gives freedom in design and creativity in the design stage, allowing for productions to be made of shiny, transparent, satin, sandblasted or opaque plastic objects.

  • Hot runner system moulds

    2TS Srl manufactures hot-runner system moulds. This moulding process allows for the automatic production of plastic products, cost-effective and of high quality, with very short delivery times. The design of prototypes for the hot-runner moulding system enables the production of the specific mould for the product type, allowing developers at 2TS Srl to perform preliminary simulations, before commencing the moulding of the finished product.

  • Moulds for technopolymers

    2TS Srl produces moulds suitable for moulding objects made with thermoplastic technopolymer, a type of polymer used in engineering (engineering plastics) that has remarkable physical and mechanical characteristics such as rigidity, ductility, high temperature resistance, with dynamic and static loads, as well as excellent durability over time.

  • Moulds for insert-moulding

    2TS Srl produces moulds for insert-moulding, a technique used to join, cover or insert two items together in a single product. Insert-moulding allows you to insert metal, rubber or other plastic elements into a product. 2TS Srl guarantees, by using the insert-moulding technology, the production of moulds to produce parts with excellent mechanical qualities with excellent pneumatic and hydraulic resistance, comparable to productions made using metal. In addition, insert-moulding enables the moulding of products that have a better performance than those products made only with technopolymer materials.

  • Moulds for overmoulding

    2TS Srl carries out the design of moulds for overmoulding, a technique that involves a preliminary injection of a thermoplastic material into a mould to produce a first part or a section of the first part, followed by a second injection of a second material (e.g. thermoplastic rubber) to complete the product. The overmoulding technique is used to meet specific requirements:

    aesthetic: products made up of pieces in two different colours or of pieces soft to the touch;
    resistance and waterproof: products with high pressure resistance or those exposed to atmospheric agents
    performance: with high resistance to high temperatures or high resistance to chemical agents

  • Moulds for injection compression moulding

    2TS Srl is able to design moulds for injection compression technology – also known as low pressure moulding – a method of moulding that involves the injection of open mould thermoplastic materials. After which, the two semi moulds are closed and the compression phase occurs. The injection compression technique is applied in particular for the production of products with thin surfaces but of high quality thanks to the reduced tension on the polymers.
    2TS Srl designs and produces moulds for plastic materials with injection compression for various sectors: optics, windows for vehicles, electronic components and lighting. This particular injection compression technology allows great freedom in design, a remarkable reduction in the weight of products and the ability to integrate products with other additional elements.

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