Moulds for thermosetting materials

2TS Srl manufactures moulds for thermosetting plastic materials that enables the moulding of items with high thickness and which require high mechanical strength.
Moulds for thermosetting plastic materials are used for electromechanical processes that require dielectric rigidity, self-extinguishing, arc resistance, chemical resistance, good resistance to creeping currents, elastic flexural and anti-static modulus. Thanks to the low rate of retraction, moulds for thermosetting plastics produce products with tolerances in the centesimal order.

The main difference with thermoplastic materials is that it is impossible for products made with thermosetting materials to be able to change their state, that is, they cannot undergo another change from solid state to fluid-elastic state. Hence, thermosetting materials cannot be recycled, but this feature makes them very resistant.

  • Injection moulding

    2TS Srl produces moulds for injection moulding of thermosetting plastic materials. This moulding technique is carried out by injecting the material contained in the hopper in the plastification chamber where the rotation of the screw drives it into areas with higher temperatures. In this injection phase, the thermosetting material is pushed into the mould by the screw’s rotation.

  • Compression moulding

    2TS Srl produces moulds for moulding thermosetting plastics with compression moulding technology. This hot process involves the insertion of thermosetting plastic in the form of granular powder into the mould consisting of a matrix and punch. In the mould, after it has been closed and heated, the punch compression takes place which slowly flows the thermosetting plastic liquid until it takes the exact shape of the mould. After the programmed heating time has passed, the mould will be opened and the product will be extracted.

  • Inject-compression moulding

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